Allan Bose


Allan Bose

About Corner stOne

Basically, This group is based in new delhi , India .

This group was formed by Abhishek Lal .

He is the leader of this group .

This group was formed on 3 November , 2019.

This group is devotional to jesus as it was made by the one and only , our saviour lord jesus christ.

Journey till now

The journey of Corner stOne is amazing till now , But only by the love and grace of our lord .

Many people joined the group in the beginning. But they ended up quickly because they were not happy to leave their past life .

But the people who are presently in the group are far different from them .

As a MEMBER of this amazing group,
I have met people with great qualities of jesus in them .
They are real devotees of jesus and our heavenly father .

Abhishek lal is the founder and leader of this group .

He's a really great personality I've ever seen.

Lord has changed the life of many through him . And he also was saved by the grace of lord .

Our group Slogan

Lift your Bible like

A weapon

Corner stOne

Recently ,

We have published a Gospel Song .

We have not created this by our own ,

But with the guidance of the holy spirit.

We are not anything without him .

Because he is everything.

So , you can visit the youtube to listen it

And glorify him .

I have given the link of our song below-

Our photos-

After the shoot .
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